The Inga site in the Lower Congo actually includes a set of four dams, the production potential, if fully exploited, can be the largest production capacity of hydropower in the world. With nearly 45GW in total, it far exceeds the capacity of Three Gorges Dam(22.5 GW) in China and the Itaipu (14GW)in Brazil/Paraguay.It is equivalent to the production of 45 nuclear power plants.

Inga I and Inga II are already operational for several decades. Inga I construction was completed in 1972. The Inga I Dam has six turbines with a total capacity of 351MW for a water flow of 780m³/s. The construction work of Inga II ended in 1982. The Inga II Dam consists of eight turbines with a total capacity of 424MW for a water flow of 2200m³/s.

The pre-feasibility study for Inga 3
was presented in 2008 by SNC-Lavalin which is for a nominal output of 4320MW power station powered by 16 turbines of 270MW.

The Grand Inga
Dam, with its potential powercapacity of 39000 MW generated by 52 turbines of 750 MW is foreseen to produce 288000 GWh/year.