Hydrogen for vehicules

More than 1,000 vehicles and 100 buses, motor thermal or fuel cell circulated or circulating in the world, fueled by over 150 hydrogen supply stations. A tangible experience has therefore been acquired under realistic conditions of use by automobile manufacturers and stakeholders of the distribution.

automobile manufacturers have programs in the use of advanced hydrogen and fuel cells. A recent study shows that the deployment of hydrogen vehicles and the infrastructure in Germany, then Europe would be more competitive in terms of cost as the vehicle batteries for medium and high-end car market.

In recent years, significant progress has been made on fuel cells, including the amount of platinum used as catalyst. In reality, the cost (in terms of mass production) of the fuel cell has become very close to breakeven for the automotive application.

The H2-Mobility initiative, signed by automobile manufacturers and energy companies in 2015 plans to deploy several thousand vehicles fuel cells and hydrogen and the elements of the infrastructure.