It sometimes happens in history that a new generation is able to transform the relations that link individuals between themselves and the world around them. That moment has arrived. We hold in our hands is the energy of the sun. Hydrogen is a promise for the future of humanity. It is for us to decide whether this promise will be betrayed by repeated failures and lost opportunities, or if we can use our wisdom in bringing it about.

Jeremy Rifkin - The Hydrogen Econom


Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be used as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, provide a source of heat and light inexhaustible...

Jules Verne - The Mysterious Island


Hydrogen is a gas, an energy carrier like electricity, which means it can only be produced from a primary source and a component containing hydrogen (the water, a hydrocarbon, biomass, etc.). There are no in the natural state but can be produced from a wide range of primary energy (coal, oil, gas, biomass), nuclear energy or renewable energy.

If hydrogen
is used in fuel cells to improve its performance in applications related to transportation or stationary, hydrogen can be burned in an internal combustion engine or turbine with a limited number of changes.

In principle, an
hydrogen base energy system generateslimited GHG emissions.When hydrogenis used in fuel cells or burned with oxygen in an internal combustion engine, it only produces water as a product of combustion.

TheGHG emission of a hydrogen-base energy system depends on the characteristics of its energy supplying sources. Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier if it is produced directly from renewable energy, nuclear energy, or natural gas,oil or coal but with CO2 capture and sequestration.

If hydrogen is produced
throughout water electrolysis, the emissions depend on the process of the electricity production. As an energy stock, hydrogen is as complementary ideal is reversible electricity, energy flow.